Coaching Supervision

At times, it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are as a coach.

Supervision is a transformational work that goes beyond any competency framework. It allows you to deepen your awareness, develop your approach to coaching, understand the underlying themes in your relationships with clients, and decide a way to move forward.


Group Programme

1.5-hour group session every 6 weeks for 6 months.

Next group to start in January 2024.


For the full programme

Transparent fee structure

It is also possible to do 1:1 supervision sessions if you prefer.

1-hour Session

One session at a time.

If you want more

Book 4 sessions, get the 5th one free.


Yes, one hour of supervision counts for 1 core competency Continuining Coach Education (CCE). You can submit up to 10 CCEs from supervision for your credential renewal.


Between 2 and 4 people. I work with small groups to ensure we have time to explore everyone’s topics.

I believe every coach should start regular supervision at some point in their career.

Initially coaches focus on developing their skills, which mentor coaching can help with. I’ve seen that solely focusing on skills, on the doing of coaching, can put a glass ceiling on the coach’s potential. In my experience as a supervisee and then as a supervisor, supervision is the way to break that ceiling and deepen one’s reflection and understanding of coaching.

That was a long-winded answer. The short answer is: very likely.

You can reflect about the challenges you are currently facing in your practice, as well as the questions you want to ask your supervisor, and your goals: what are you hoping to get from supervision? Or from this one session?

A great way to engage in reflective practice is to do it very regularly (once a week minimum) where you document your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about the coaching you facilitated. This will allow you to see some patterns emerge, which you can then bring to supervision.

Many topics can be brought to your supervisor:

  • Overcoming challenges with specific clients,
  • Unpacking difficult sessions,
  • Uncovering your blind spots,
  • Discussing ethical issues and questions,
  • Looking at your relationships with your clients,
  • Exploring the different systems involved in your coaching,
  • Deepening your reflection and awareness of your internal processes before, during and after sessions,
  • Reviewing your contracting practices,
  • Looking at your overall coaching approach and your growth opportunity,
  • Receiving support and guidance.

Yes, of course! Contact me to book a call. We’ll meet and have the opportunity to get clarity on the support you need.

All sessions are facilitated on Zoom.

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