ICF Mentor Coaching

Align your practice with the ICF competencies framework. Get feedback on your coaching skills to leverage your strengths and identify your areas of development.

I provide Mentor Coaching for ICF ACC & PCC credentials.

mentor coaching

Group Mentoring

7 hours of group mentor coaching, divided in three sessions.

Limited to 6 coaches per group.


For 7 hours

10-hour Programme

Combine the 7 hours of group mentor coaching with 3 hours of individual mentoring.

For ACC & PCC credential renewals or new applications.


For 10 hours

Individual sessions

If you prefer to work in a 1:1 setting, you can book individual mentor coaching sessions.

1-hour Session

One session at a time.

If you want more

Book 4 sessions, get the 5th one free.


I hold an ICF PCC credential since June 2020. I also completed a 40-hour PCC Markers Assessment training created by the ICF. Through the work I do at the Institute of Coaching Studies, I’m well versed about the credentialing process and the requirements set by the ICF.

I’ve mentored over 50 coaches since 2020.

The programme is designed as such:

  • 1st group session (2 hours): introduction, contracting, goal setting, discussion on the ICF Core Competencies.
  • 2 following group sessions (2.5 hours each): two live coaching sessions by participants, observation and discussion about the skills demonstrated.

If you are doing individual sessions as well, they should be booked after the last group session. You will submit 3 recordings of a 30-minute coaching session which we will debrief in our call.

The minimum length of the programme is 3 months.

You need Mentor Coaching to renew your ICF ACC credential, but you don’t need it for your PCC renewal. However, Mentor Coaching can be a great way to get 10 CCEs in Core Competencies, out of the 40 required for your PCC renewal.

I mentor ACC- & PCC-credentialed coaches. Both levels can be in the same mentoring group as the standards I use for feedback are the PCC markers (even for ACC coaches). This allows PCC coaches to expand their current skills and for ACC coaches to stretch theirs.

Yes, of course! Contact me to book a call. We’ll meet and have the opportunity to get clarity on the support you need.

All sessions are facilitated on Zoom.

Coaches I work with usually say that the feedback I provide is constructive, detailed, and gentle in the way it is delivered. You know what you did great in the session, what went well, and the specific moments where another option may have been more impactful for the client.

I have a non-judgemental approach. I am not a critic analysing your coaching under the microscope. I offer a learning experience that is tailored to your skills and that helps you grow.

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