Coaching for coaches, to support your personal and professional life.

Coaches need a coach.

You support others. Who supports you?

You too have goals and aspirations, or challenges that may hold you back from growing in your personal and professional life the way you want and could. Let’s work together to start prioritising yourself.


Transparent fee structure

I have a simple fee structure that doesn’t require you to commit to a long coaching engagement. Sometimes a thinking session is enough to find alignment again. Sometimes more is needed. Your choice.

1-hour Session

One session at a time.

If you want more

Book 4 sessions, get the 5th one free.


I coach the person, not the problem. So no coaching topic is off limit, as long as it’s important to you and that you’re willing to work on it.

Reflect on your topic and your goals. What do you need? What’s the outcome you’d like? What kind of support do you seek?

I’m also happy to help you identify the best support for you.

If that’s the case and it becomes apparent in our sessions, we’ll have a conversation about it to see how you want to move forward. If you’ve booked a few sessions in advance, you can switch them to mentor coaching or supervision.

Yes, of course! Contact me to book a call. We’ll meet and have the opportunity to get clarity on the support you need.

All sessions are facilitated on Zoom.

I have a gentle approach that can still be challenging, but it won’t feel brutal. If you look for a coach who will shake you up, I won’t be the right coach for you.

I use humor whenever possible. And I coach holistically without applying any strict framework, though I keep mindfulness and cognitive behavioural coaching at the back of my head.

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