Hi, I'm Marion.

I wear many hats, and all of them are dedicated to supporting coaches feel confident and skilful in their practice. I help coaches focus on their skills and awareness to develop their craft of coaching.

about marion

Coaching support.

I’m passionate about elevating the standards and ethics of coaching, and supporting coaches be successful in their practice.

The first step is to explore what success means to you.

Then we understand what you already do really well, and the resources you have or need to develop the areas that may require your focus.

We partner together to find ways you can implement change in your practice, and we reflect at what you learned from the experience.

My background

Before becoming a coach, I worked in the tech industry for years, including 4 as a leader. This experience of managing others is what led me to coaching. I initially saw it as a leadership style, and I completed my coach training with the idea of implementing it in my work. But during my training I not only saw the full potential of coaching, but also how great it was to be among like-minded professionals who shared a common passion for supporting others. I haven’t looked back since.

I now divide my time between coaching clients and helping people become great coaches through the Institute of Coaching Studies, which I founded in 2018 and started training coaches in 2020.

I am now receiving more and more requests for mentoring and supervision from coaches who didn’t train with the Institute, which is why this website came to be.

My coaching experience

My main coaching qualifications

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