Elevate the way you coach.

Develop your self-confidence and fine-tune your skills to thrive as a coach and increase the impact of your work.


You don't have to do it alone.

Once your initial coach training is finished, you received your credential, and you launched your coaching practice, you may find yourself think “now what?”

There are a lot of opportunities to continue to grow your skills and yourself as a coach. This is where mentoring, supervision, and coaching can support you. 

Together, we will elevate your coaching practice, helping you become the coach you aspire to be.


Three ways to work together, to support you wherever you are.

Mentor Coaching

Center your practice back to the ICF Core Competencies, whether you want to renew your ICF credential or you want to get a refresher.

Coaching Supervision

Do the deep work of exploring who you are as a coach, reflecting on the relationships you've created with clients, and setting the direction of your practice.


Coaches need a coach. Work on yourself as you support others do the same. Find ways to live a meaningful life beyond the work you do.

What you will get from working with me


Learn about yourself as a coach and the patterns you have developed in your coaching practice and with your clients.


Get clarity on your strengths and opportunities in a non-judgemental and compassionate way.


Find an unconditional support - not a "yes" person, but one who has your back and who will challenge you when you need it.


Put what you learned into practice to develop your experience and confidence while increasing the impact of your coaching.

Hi there!

My name is Marion Tilly.

I’m an ICF PCC-credentialed coach, Mentor Coach and Coaching Supervisor based in Dublin, Ireland. 🇮🇪

I’m passionate about elevating the craft of coaching. That’s why I founded the Institute of Coaching Studies, an ICF-accredited coach training provider. Supporting coaches with coaching, mentoring & supervision is the continuity of the work that I do every day at the Institute teaching people how to be great coaches.

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